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Unisex Summer Sandals Breathable Beach Slippers

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Walk-in comfort and feel the sand between your toes with our beach slippers!

These unisex summer beach slippers are a must-have for your trips to the beach or pool during the hot summer months. The breathable material and lightweight sandals allow you to enjoy the sun all day long without having to worry about your feet getting irritated. Give your feet a rest during those hot summer days with these breathable beach slippers.

    Made of durable rubber and lined with soft memory foam, these beachwear slippers are made for a comfortable walk, no matter how much sand you have to wade through. 

    These lightweight and flat sandals have an extra cushioned sole, so wear them with or without socks. The thick non-slip soles ensure you won't lose grip on your beach towel or carpeted floors, and the vented memory foam footbed will keep you cool throughout your day.

    These fashionable and functional beach slippers are ideal for outdoor activities such as lounging on the deck or walking to a nearby bar. The velcro closure makes them easy to put on and take off, and the durable rubber outsole provides traction for on-off use.

    Plus, they're designed with solid straps so they won't slip off while you're playing in the water—so you can spend more time focused on the moment and less time picking up pesky dropped flip-flops!

    We also have different colors to choose from, which makes people feel a sense of higher quality enjoyment.

    Other features include a rubber outsole, an anatomical footbed with extended heel support, as well as breathable toe separators that alleviate pressure points and promote proper blood flow circulation across the entire surface of the foot.

    Our original beach slippers are the perfect blend of casual comfort and glamorous style. Slip into a pair of these luxurious slippers as you leave the beach to go out to dinner, or just wear them around town and get ready to be asked where you got your shoes!